Our Mission

Welcome to EWIS! We are an organization of working professionals, including post-doctoral fellows and graduate scientists at the University of Minnesota. Our objective is to enable and empower women to fulfill their career goals and to reach the highest level of leadership while advocating gender equality for all in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Traditionally, women were awarded a small fraction of science related degrees. But times have changed and according to Higher Education Today, women's overall participation in STEM fields has grown, and women are now earning over half of all Bachelor's degrees awarded in scientific fields. However, women are still professionally underrepresented and face significant challenges at the highest professional levels.

We seek to overcome the challenges by supporting women at all career levels through our five main goals:

  • Advocacy/awareness about sexism

  • Combating sexism in daily life

  • Promoting gender equality

  • Career development/support systems for female scientists

  • Networking/community building support for future generations

This group is for all scientists at the University of Minnesota - graduate student, postdoc, faculty, staff, resident, or some other scientist -- of any gender -- we welcome you!

Our group is sponsored by the Center for Immunology within the University of Minnesota Medical School and a Gender Equity Grant from The Women's Center.