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"The Women’s Center advances gender equity across identities. We educate and inspire feminist leaders, advance an empowering intellectual environment, and advocate for an equitable University culture and community. The first campus-based women's center in the country, the University of Minnesota’s Women's Center was founded in 1960 as the Minnesota Plan for the Continuing Education of Women."

"The Lactation Advocacy Committee (LAC) is a volunteer coalition of University employees and students dedicated to supporting breastfeeding parents at the University of Minnesota."

"Our mission is simple: to build a global community that inspires, supports, recognizes, and empowers women in science. We accomplish that mission by staying true to our three guiding principles: Connect, Lead, and Empower."

"This study examined the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment in academia on the career advancement of women in the scientific, technical, and medical workforce. The report concludes that the cumulative result of sexual harassment in academic sciences, engineering, and medicine is significant damage to research integrity and a costly loss of talent in these fields. It provides a series of recommendations for systemwide changes to the culture and climate in higher education to prevent and effectively address all forms of sexual harassment."