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March for Science 2017, St. Paul, MN

Advocating for gender equality in STEM: How to be an effective ally

A seminar/workshop for scientists of all genders

February 2020

2020 Ally workshop #1 .pdf

EWIS Book Club

February 2020

Bystander Intervention

Lead by the Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education

August 2019

Speaker: Paul Ching, PhD, Graduate School

April 2019

Diversifying the STEM Fields: Problems and Solutions for Women in Science

Part of University of Minnesota's Keeping our Faculty Symposium VIII

Panel: Janna Dickenson, PhD, Kristina Burrack, PhD, Milagros Silva-Morales, PhD, Katie Murphy, PhD

April 2019

Advocating for gender equality in the workplace: How to be an effective ally

Women's Faculty Cabinet Retreat Keynote Address, May 2018

Department of Psychiatry Diversity and Inclusion Retreat Breakout Session, October 2018

College of Veterinary Medicine Seminar Series, November 2018

Brooklyn Center High School visit to the Center for Immunology

November 2018

September 2018

May 2018

Collaboration with the Association of Multicultural Scientists

Made possible by a UMN Campus Climate Microgrant

April 2018

Collaboration with the MICaB Career Development Committee and the UMN Postdoctoral Association

Seminar: Advocating for gender equality: How to be a male ally

October 2017

EWIS Open House

September 2017