One of the goals of EWIS is to provide community building support for future generations. We have worked with local middle schools and high schools to give students a picture of what it means to have a career in science, and let them know that girls can aspire to have a career in STEM. We have visited schools during career day events and have hosted classes on research laboratory tours at University of Minnesota.

EWIS has also recently established some new programs: a mentoring program that pairs college students with graduate students and professionals in STEM research, a monthly "meet a scientist" program for 6-12 grade classrooms, and a monthly science discussion group for 10-12 grade classrooms.

Find out more about these 6-12 school monthly programs, or about how to get EWIS at your School’s Science Fair, STEM Night or Career Cafe  by contacting our outreach coordinator at ewis@umn.edu.

A Friend in STEM - for college students

A Friend in STEM is a mentorship program started by EWIS that connects undergraduate students interested in STEM with scientists at the University of Minnesota. We believe that careers in STEM should be accessible to everyone and we hope that connecting with a Minnesota scientist will help students to feel welcomed to this research community.

Find out more on the A Friend in STEM website.

My First Friend in STEM - for grades 6-12

My First Friend in STEM is a program developed by EWIS to promote the interest of young women and underrepresented minority students in STEM careers by interacting with scientists from the University of Minnesota. We believe that anybody can be a scientist and finding scientific career models is important early during one's education. By participating in this monthly program, 6-12 grade students will be able to: 

My First Science Discussion Group -  for grades 10-12

My First Science Discussion Group is a mentorship program developed by EWIS. This program is a more in depth exploration of STEM careers; it connects grade 10-12 students interested in STEM with scientists at the University of Minnesota. Career role models and mentoring are important to have a successful scientific career. By participating in this monthly program, 10-12 grade students would be able to: 

Past Outreach Events

Fall Family Engineering Night at Sullivan STEAM School

November 2023

Students and their families tried multiple engineering themed activities hosted by The Works. This was an open-house style event. EWIS volunteers assisted with completing activities and shared their own passion for STEM with the students.

North Star STEM Alliance Kick-Off Opportunities Fair

September 2022

The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) is an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation which is intended to double the number of African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander students receiving baccalaureate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a five-year period.

In Minnesota, the LSAMP program is called the Louis Stokes North Star STEM Alliance (LS-NSSA). LS-NSSA is a partnership of 16 higher education institutions and 3 community partners in Minnesota. The higher education institutions include four-year public and private colleges and universities, technical and community colleges, and two tribal colleges. The community partners are the Science Museum of MN, MN Technology Association, and the MN Education Equity Partnership.

CORE Kick-Off STEM Fair

September 2022

The CORE program is a community-based initiative committed to empowering students, families, and communities with the knowledge to reach their educational goals.

Girls in STEM Club at Roseville Area High School

November 2021

EWIS visited the Girls in STEM Club at Roseville Area High School. Volunteers participated in a panel discussion answering questions from the Girls in STEM Club.

Skype a Scientist Sessions

EWIS has partnered with different Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic by doing outreach through Skype a Scientist. EWIS members had answering questions from students about the immune system, viruses, vaccines and how the immune system fights COVID-19.

Mentoring Girls in STEM Club at Roseville High School

February 2020

EWIS visited the Girls in STEM Club at Roseville Area High School, this last Tuesday February 19th from 3-4:30pm. EWIS participated in a panel discussion answering questions from the Girls in STEM Club. After the panel discussion the group had a networking session, where RAHS students talked one-on-one with EWIS about women in STEM careers.

Groveland Science and Math Night

January 2020

EWIS participated teaching attendees about STEM careers and their paths in science at Groveland Park Elementary in Saint Paul.

Career Fair at Murray Middle School 

December 2019

EWIS volunteered their time to help Murray Middle School students learn and think about their future! Different groups of students in grades 6-8 visited “presenter’s booths” to ask questions and learn about many different careers. Students engage in conversations with EWIS about a typical workday, career trends in STEM, pros and cons science careers, training and education requirements, and also about exciting, funny, or unusual experiences in their career paths.

South St. Paul Secondary School: 4th Annual Professionals of Color Career Panel

November 2019

The Black Pride Organization (BPO) partnered with their Latinx counterpart, Comunidad de Latinos Unidos (CDLU), for an exciting evening of conversation and sharing. Dr. Milagros Silva Morales of EWIS was a panelist alongside a musician, politician, and social activist to share their stories and insights with the school's students and families of color.

Saint Paul Music Academy - Career Cafe series

May 2019

Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair - "How science has been shaped by women"

March 2019

Eden Prairie High School visit

May 2018, March 2019

Brooklyn Center High School visit to the Center for Immunology

May 2018, November 2018